Finding inner strength

Finding inner strength

I developed the design and copy for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association's calendar, which was offered as a thank you to select donors and volunteers with super powers. Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is chronic lung disease that can make day-to-day tasks a challenge, and is fatal if left untreated. With that in mind, the calendar has a positive tone, sharing inspiring stories from the PH community.


Opening letter:

Dear friends of PHA,

Together the patients, family members, friends and medical professionals who
make up the pulmonary hypertension community share a number of things in
common, and key among them is strength.

As you turn the pages of the calendar, you will see how individuals demonstrate
their inner strength in their fight against this disease. For Kiara Tatum, it meant
working up the energy to take a train ride to New York City, when three days
earlier she had an emergency trip to the hospital. She was determined — oxygen
in tow — to meet in-person for the first time with fellow members of Generation
Hope, an online network of PHers in their late teens, 20s and 30s. She didn’t
want to miss this unique opportunity to meet her online friends. For Shari
Caffrey, after having lost her young daughter Taylor to the disease, it meant
having the strength to push forward and organize fundraising and awareness raising events to promote PH research and programs.

We all have the strength to make things happen, whether it’s picking up the
phone and urging our Members of Congress to support legislation for PH
research, or going to a support group meeting for the first time and connecting
with others like us. As we know, it takes strength to live with this disease day
in and day out; sometimes it can be hard just to get dressed in the morning
or difficult to get through a “bad day.” It takes strength to communicate this
disease to others: how do we explain PH to our friends, to our children, to our
co-workers, to strangers who say “you don’t look sick.”

Your strength inspires us and we hope the images and stories from this calendar
inspire you. May you have the strength to continue fighting the fight with PH.